Royal Castle in berchtesgaden

Experience the variety of stylistic era’s

summer-residence of the Wittelsbacher family

Castle Berchtesgaden. after 1810 summer-residence of the Wittelsbacher family, has been a center of a small divine state. The around 1102/1105 build Augustiner Men’s Choir

The guidance trough the Royal Castle Berchtesgaden equals an expedition trough the history of art. From the romanic (crossfloor) over gothic, barock and rokoko until biedermeier. Over 800 years the Royal Castle has been extended while in most cases the old buildings were kept alive. This way it’s possible to compare the different stylistic era’s with each other.

At the same time they’re building a authentic backdrop around the history of the Berchtesgadener Country and the Bavarian Crown. Crown prince Rupprecht established a few of the rooms with the “Wittelsbacher” art.


The exhibitions contain plastics for example from “Tilman Riemenschneider”, circuit “Veit Stoß” etc. In addition hunting-weapons and trophy’s and also the strongest bavarian deer with 18.3 kilos antler-weight as well as rare furniture, porcelain and paintings from famous artists epescially the munich school can be found. The tour ends at “Rosenheim” with view on the Watzmann-massive.

For further information please call: +49-8652-947980

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