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Terms & conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all accommodation agreements concluded between Alpenhotel Fischer and the guest.

1. Accommodation Agreement

1.1 A binding accommodation agreement comes into force as soon as the room reservation is accepted by the accommodation provider. This agreement shall be binding for both parties in the form of a reservation. Binding reservations are made only with the written confirmation of the hotel. The booking dates are binding on both parties. Reserved rooms are available to the guest for the agreed period of time only.

1.2 If the content of the booking confirmation differs from the content of the booking, then the differing contents of the confirmation for the guest and for the hotel are binding if the guest does not object immediately after receiving the confirmation, no later than the acceptance of services.

1.3 If the hotel demands a deposit or advance payment or statement of credit card data for security, and this is not provided within the agreed period, the reservation is automatically forfeited.

1.4 The conclusion of an accommodation agreement obliges the parties to fulfil the agreement, regardless of the duration of the agreement which has been concluded. If the purchaser is not the same person as the guest, both parties are jointly liable for all agreement obligations.

1.5 The transfer of the same to third parties is only permissible with the approval of the hotel.

2. Arrival and Departure

2.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, reserved rooms are available to the guest from 14:00 on the day of arrival and must
be vacated by 11:00 on the day of departure. Use of reserved rooms beyond the agreed timeframe requires the consent of the hotel. For departures after 11:00, the hotel can charge 50% of the full room rate.

2.2 Guests must arrive by 20:00 at the latest. In the event of an arrival later than 20:00, the hotel reception must be notified by 18:00 on the day of arrival. If this does not happen, the hotel can re-let the rooms.

3. Prices and services

3.1 If rooms or other services are reserved on an optional basis, the option dates are binding for both parties. After expiration of the option period, use of the rooms and services automatically reverts to the hotel.

3.2 The agreed price and hotel services arise from the reservation confirmation. If the booking has not been confirmed, the rates listed at reception apply. All published prices include VAT currently in force.

4. Payment

4.1 Payment for the services booked is generally due before the guest’s departure. The hotel is entitled to demand advance payment in the amount of the total costs of overnight stays or services at any time after completion of the accommodation agreement. The hotel can, without notice, make any reservation or other services to be performed dependent on total or partial settlement of amounts in advance, namely in the form of deposits or full advance payments. The hotel may, in order to guarantee a booking, and for the resulting services,
request valid credit card data from a credit card company recognised by the hotel.

4.2 The acceptance and selection of credit cards are at the discretion of the hotel in each case. The hotel is entitled to check the validity of credit cards and to reserve due payments. The credit card is not charged before arrival. Credit card data is only used for guaranteeing the booking in case of cancellation.

4.3 If a guest comes in default of payment, the hotel may cancel the agreement with immediate effect. Invoices to companies, travel agencies, etc. are payable within 7 days of the invoice date, without deduction and in the currency specified on the invoice.

4.4 In the event of default, the hotel is entitled to cancel the agreement with immediate effect.

5. Cancellations

5.1 All cancellations must be in writing. A free cancellation of the customer from the agreement concluded with the hotel reservation contract requires the written consent of the hotel. If this does not take place, the price agreed in the reservation agreement of 100% of the accommodation costs must be paid if the customer does not take contractual services or a subletting is no longer possible. It is irrelevant whether the hotel is fully booked or not.
5.2 Standard booking: Arrival before 18:00

Cancellation is fee:

Up to 7 days before arrival – 80%
In case of no show 90%

if no other conditions have been agreed in writing. For no-show or late cancellation there is an obligation for the guest to pay the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to re-let the reserved rooms after 18:00. Thereafter, 100% of total costs must be paid for the first night (no-show or late cancellation). Bookings for arrivals after 18.00 are forfeited if reception have not been notified.

5.3 Group Bookings:

The hotel regards a reservation of 4 rooms as a group booking, in this case, the providing of credit card data (owner, card number, expiry date) is required if no other conditions have been agreed in writing.

5.4 Different cancellation policies:

The hotel reserves the right to set different cancellation policies. If no different cancellation condition are stated in the booking confirmation, the above cancellation policies shall apply.

6. Liability

6.1 The guest or the organizer shall be liable to the Hotel for any damage caused by them or their guests.

6.2 The liability of the hotel for damage to parked vehicles in the car park by acts of third parties, as well as for the loss of or damage to objects left in vehicles, is excluded.

6.3 In the case of events, the contractor must insure any items they bring against theft or damage or destruction. A liability of the hotel is excluded.

7. Cancellation of the reservation agreement

7.1 If the guest uses the rooms let to them for a purpose other than that agreed, the hotel is entitled to an extraordinary right of termination. If the hotel has justified cause to believe that the use of the room puts the safety or the reputation of the house and the guests at risk, as in the case of force majeure or internal disturbances, the hotel may also terminate the contractual relationship without notice.In these cases, the hotel is entitled to the agreed compensation in the event of termination.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1 Pets are allowed only with the prior consent of the hotel and against payment of a surcharge (5 EUR per night without food). Animals are generally not permitted in the restaurant area. Animals may only be taken to all other common areas with the approval of the hotel.

8.2 Lost property (forgotten things) will be sent on explicit request against reimbursement of costs. The retention period is 2 months.

8.3 In the common areas (breakfast room, lobby), the consumption of food and drink brought in from outside is excluded.

9. General

9.1 Should agreed rooms not be available, the hotel is obliged to seek an equivalent substitute in the house or in other objects.

9.2 The correction of printing or calculation errors is reserved.

9.3 Verbal agreements are only valid if they have been confirmed by the hotel in writing.