Ice caves Berchtesgaden

A fascinating natural spectacle

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The Schellengerer Ice Cave lies at 1.570 meters height in the Untersberg. You reach the cave after three to four hours ascending from Marktschellenberg or you take the ropeway from St. Leonhard at the Salzburger Country and then walk down one and a half hours (pure walking time) to the entrance of the cave. Don’t forget to take warm clothes with you, cause the temperatures inside the cave will rarely ascend above 0 degrees. The guide (total 500 meter) leads on bridges and stairs over shafts, adits and icefalls to the lowest point, the fuggerhall, 55 meters below the entrance. Because the cave is descending, the cold winter air stays at the cave all over the year. Over thousands of years the smelting water has been frozen at the cave – at some places the ice-armor is about 30 meters thick. Names like icy-organ, mörkdom or cave-fairy let you guess how impressive the cave must have been to it’s visitors.

Guided tours

Whitsun till 31 October daily every solid hour 10 bis 16 o`clock
from 1. October last guided tour at 15 o´clock

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