Easter holidays in Berchtesgaden

Easter – rich in tradition

A visit to our hotel in Berchtesgadener Land is always an experience. The pre-alpine landscape is particularly beautiful at Easter. Easter in Berchtesgaden is a colorful experience for young and old, because tradition and customs are particularly important. During your holiday in Berchtesgaden, you can expect colorful festive parades and, what must of course not be forgotten – an extensive Easter breakfast.

From crucifixion to resurrection

Traditionally, Easter in Berchtesgaden begins seven days before Easter, on Palm Sunday. On this day the self-tied and colorful palm bushes, which consist of willow branches and catkins and are decorated with colorful flags (“Gschabertbandeln”), are consecrated in the church. The custom says that the palm bushes protect your own belongings from storms. For this purpose, the consecrated colorful bouquets are carried to the fields and graves after Sunday mass and placed behind the crucifix in the house.

The crucifixion of the Lord is commemorated at Easter, which is why neither the organ nor the bells are played in the so-called Holy Week (Old High German, kara = ‘sorrow’) before the festive days, the mourning week after Lent, from Maundy Thursday to Easter Eve. Only on Easter Sunday, the resurrection of the Lord, the beginning of the new church year is opened with Holy Masses and a solemn organ playing.

Finally Easter holidays!

The Easter holidays are ideal for a few days of rest and relaxation in our Alpenhotel Fischer. An Easter holiday promises colorful festivities and traditional customs – a special spectacle that you should have seen. Find out more about our vacation offers.

We are looking forward to your visit!