The Eagle`s Nest

A place with history

Over the breathtaking Eaglestreet and the luxurious Eaglelift ascending to the mountain restaurant The Eagle’s Nest. Enjoy the great panorama and the quick service aswell as the fine kitchen. From the Eagle’s Nest (1.834 m) you’ll enjoy a stunning panorama view onto the Berchtesgadener country and the Salzburg Bay. The 6.5 kilometers long street from Obersalzberg to the Eagle’s Nest, built into the stone at1939 in only 13 months, is closed for individual traffic. The ascending is done by using special buses from the station “Hintereck” at the Obersalzberg and takes around 35 minutes. At the top, a 124 m long tunnle leads into the inner Eagle’s Nest into a pompous brass faced lift. The lift needs about 41 seconds to ascend to the top. The historic tea-house, a document of national-socialistic nature, is used as inn nowadays. Connect your stay at the Obersalzberg with a visit at the Documentation Obersalzberg.