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Golf at Golfclub Berchtesgaden


For everyone who loves to get it on slow and chilly, golfing is definetely the right sport.  A huge variety and choice of different golf courts and clubs.....

Golf Club Berchtesgaden

The new rebuilt 9-hole-device (par 70) at the Obersalzberg in Berchtesgaden counts as the best herded secret at Germany's golf-scene. The courtyard is a true jewel, so insiders. At one of the highest placed parcours in Germany, at near 1.000 meter height, every course is right and has its own character.


The best sorted pro-shop offers everything that lets a golfers heart shine. The assortment was chosen by quality and usability. A individual consulting is self-evident.

Our golf-school is offering

Single lessons, group lessons, taster courses, weekly courses and bat maintenance

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The golf restaurant "Gutshof" at the club house cares for culinarites. At the wide rooms you'll find an isle to relax and take off. Especially famous is the sunny, half-covered piazza, where you're able to let your day pass revue. Daily from 10:00 am to 22:00 o' clock opened. Monday's closed.

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Golfclub Berchtesgaden e.V.

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